zTech Scripts and Utilities

zTech Scripts is a small one-person scripting "company", under which I create and distribute a number of open source scripts and tools at InWorldz, most of which are licensed under the GPL or LGPL, version 3.

Below is a listing of all the scripts made under zTech, which you may find in InWorldz at the Warehouse of Isle Paracelsus, or at The Free Script Library.


A scripted door system, originally created as a clone of the Timeless Linked Door script written by Timeless Prototype. Over time, it has evolved to become a highly versatile system with an easy menu-driven setup, allowing for the easy creation of paired doors, locking mechanism with access controls, custom sounds, delayed & open/close, smooth open/close and much more.


LiteRezzer is a rezzing system I developed based off of a holodeck system I scripted in Second Life. It provides the same basic functionality that scripts such as Rez-Foo, Rez-Faux, and Builder's Buddy provide, except the scripts themselves are highly optimized in order to keep their impact on simulator resources at a minimum. They are also capable of persisting their settings across resets.

zTech Texture Sorter

A multi-category texture sorter I designed, based loosely off of a similar modification of the old TexPal sorters from Second Life. It can support an unlimited number of categories and textures per category, and runs very fast and lightweight with minimal lag. The most recent version is 2.0a, which runs off of a single script thanks to some new script functions that allow a script to access the inventory of any prim within the same linkset.

  • Note: Will not function outside of InWorldz, requires Inworldz-specific script functions.


A fast and lightweight Animation Overrider system, compatible with ZHAO notecards. It only supports basic functionality at this time, but plans are in place to further extend and improve SwiftAO.