New Website

Saturday, November 01, 2014

This is a new personal website that I've created for myself. Aside from this blog, I'll be including stuff about my projects, artwork, and perhaps some short stories and other random stuff.

In particular, however, I'll be importing my blog from tumblr over to here, and it'll be the third time. First time I moved it was from Blogspot to Posterous due to concerns about the real names policy with Google+ (and by extension, other google services). Then I moved my blog from Posterous to Tumblr because Twitter bought out Posterous and then shut it down.

Now, I've decided to instead just set up my own personal blog here due to (A) general disatisfaction with Tumblr and (B) due to the bad scores the EFF gave them for standing up for users against copyright/trademark bullies. Right now I am considering whether or not I want to move my old blog posts here. I started on it, but I think I'll hold off, as it requires a lot of time and effort.

I won't be abandoning Tumblr entirely, though. Instead it'll just be used in a twitter-like fashion, ie: giving a signal boost to stuff I post elsewhere or for reposting stuff I like.

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