About Zauber Paracelsus

So, who am I, aside from the owner of this not-so-flashy website?

I am simply random generic geek... or maybe not so simply.

I am transgender. My mind is female, but for the time being my body is male.

I am a digital artist, and I do both 2D and 3D art, often with mixed realism

I am a virtual content creator at Islandz Virtual World (and previously InWorldz), where I also serve as a senior mentor, and volunteer bug hunter and coder.

I am a hobbyist coder, skilled in Python and LSL. With code, I value power, simplicity, and efficiency. I optimize early, and I optimize often.

I am not black & white in my worldview, I try to see and understand things as they are, rather than filing them under philosophical extremes. The only area I'm black & white about is with trust and security.

I am an "Aspie", or someone with Asperger's Syndrome. I do not consider myself a "sufferer" or "victim", nor do I believe it to be some kind of tragedy. Though it seems asperger's is no longer a thing, and is instead rollded into autism spectrum disorder.

I am a gamer, and probably enjoy most games so long as they require more brain power than a FPS. Despite what politicians say, games have not made me violent and/or angry. Programming, on the other hand...

I am sometimes known to go back and forth between being silly and serious. Sometimes I do both simultaneously.

I am sometimes known to follow set patterns and routines, such as starting every item in a list with "I am"

I am known to have a weird thing for waffles. I sometimes say it at random moments or use it as a greeting. I blame Raglan Shire.

I am a furry. Not one of the particularly freaky ones, though.